Board of Directors

Under state law, the District is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors, elected to four-year terms by the residents and property owners of the District. Directors receive no pay or retirement benefits.

The board meets every third Wednesday at 6:30 PM, at Station 4 located at 4037 N Platte Avenue, Sedalia.

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Board Members (Click Here to send an email to all the members, click on the names below to send an email to an individual member)

Tom Miller – Chairman – Term expires 2022
John Krey – Vice Chair – vacant – Term expires 2022
Whitney Vincent – Treasurer – Term expires 2022
Marjorie Nockels – Special Projects  – Term expires 2023
Jeffery P Gregory – Secretary – Term expires 2022

Regular Meetings in 2022
January 19February 16*March 16
April 20May 18*June 15
July 20August 17*September 21
October 19November 16*December 14
*District Pension Board meets quarterly at the beginning of the regular board meeting