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Fire Stations in the West Douglas County Fire Protection District

West Douglas County Fire Protection District has four separate fire stations within the district. Members are assigned to a station based on where they reside within the district. However, as a volunteer fire department, our members respond to calls anywhere within the district, not just within their station boundaries.

Station 134

Station 134 (also referred to as station 4) is located in Sedalia and serves as the District’s main station. The station has fourStaion 4 apparatus bays, office and storage space for Department officers, and a training room large enough to accommodate classroom training sessions for the entire department. The bays house an engine, a 1000-gallon tanker, a medic vehicle, and a brush truck.   The station’s grounds also include two historic buildings: the Sedalia Historic Fire House, and the Sedalia Museum and Gardens. The Historic Fire House now serves as office and storage space for the Board of Directors, while the Museum and Gardens are maintained by a separate community organization.

Station 133

Station 133 (also referred to as station 3) is in Indian Creek. An engine, a rescue vehicle, and a brush truck are housed in the basement of the clubhouse building owned by the Indian Creek Ranch

Station 132

Station 132 (also referred to as station 2) is located at Hwy 67 and Oak Valley road at the base of Jarre Canyon. This station has an engine, a medic vehicle, and a 3000-gallon tanker.

Station 131

Station 131 (also referred to as station 1) is located about 12 miles west of Sedalia on Hwy 67 between the Rampart Range Road and Sprucewood. Station 1 has a brush truck, a medic vehicle, and a 1000-gallon tanker.